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I have been a serious photographer since 1974. I started off as a photographer for my high school newspaper. While still in high school I was also a stringer for my local newspaper, The News Enterprise. November of high school senior year, I raised my right hand joining the US Navy’s delayed entry program as a US Navy Photographer. My 6 year active duty enlistment started after graduation from high school.


As a US Navy Photographer, I attend the Navy’s amazing photography school in Pensacola Florida. I was able even able to learn so much more once I got out into the fleet. From portraiture, R&D, investigative, ceremonial, under water to aerial photography, I did it.


As the staff photographer for the Concord Pavilion, I spent 14 years photographing about 50 top name musical acts per year.


Not wanting to make photography a full-time career, I have helped teach landscape, wildlife and birding photography workshops in the USA and abroad.


As a pilot I love flying Airplanes and Helicopters, but it isn’t safe to be trying to do photography from an aircraft while piloting it. For this reason, I got my commercial drone pilots license and am expanding more in that area.


  • Graduate US Naval School of Photography

  • Graduate National Camera, Camera Repair School

  • Commercial Airplane Pilot

  • Commercial Helicopter Pilot

  • Commercial Drone Pilot

  • Certified Photographic Consultant

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T- 707-301-7700

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